I’m Kirsty. A 30 (something!) mum of 2 (3 if you include the husband!) Freelance Virtual Assistant living in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

I have been working in administration since leaving school at 16 years old, and have had administrative roles that have included being a Sales Administrator, Team Leader, Senior Administrator, LEAN lead and a Customer Service Liason Officer.

My most recent corporate job was one I did for over 13 years.  Up until September 2018, I was employed by the biggest public sector and government employer.  I resigned to spend more time on my own businesses of which some I have been running for over 7 years.

Working for so long in an industry that required me to consistently produce high quality, professional and efficient support to those who require it, means I still very much have that mentality. Being responsible for my own time is something I have to manage now more often than ever before day to day in my own business.

In 2015 I founded the multi award-nominated blog at The Money Saving Mum. In addition to my existing administration experience; blogging has given me the opportunity to also gain extensive knowledge on the designing of WordPress websites, managing blogs, SEO as well as graphic design, social media management, diary management & graphic design. So much so in addition to helping businesses with their administration, I also specifically specialise in virtual blog management over at Better Your Blog

Being a working parent myself I know the stresses and strains that family life brings. Work life balance goes out of the window and you sometimes struggle to keep on top of everything!

You may want to ensure your childcare is covered, activities are sought for the 6 weeks summer holiday or you just hate meal planning with a passion… as part of my role over at PA For Parents I also provide support to families that perhaps need a helping hand to keep that work-life balance as it should be.   Having to ensure that court proceedings run smoothly on a day to day basis means you can trust me in also ensuring your life too runs like clockwork!

Whatever your reasons for choosing to outsource; I can help you increase your productivity, stabilise your finances, alleviate stress and give you back your time to do the things that you do best or WANT to do.  Outsourcing is the first stop of allowing your business or yourself to work smarter, not harder!

What is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants provide administrative services for a range of clients on a freelance basis.  Services provided by virtual assistants can include answering calls and e-mails, secretarial and administrative tasks, bookkeeping & payroll (requires additional qualifications!), diary management, transcription, filing, event/travel booking and data entry.

Some virtual assistants, like myself, provide specialist services such as WordPress design & maintenance, blog post publishing & creation, social media marketing and general administration duties.  Virtual assistants typically work on long and short-term contracts for their clients and typically charge an hourly rate.

When setting their fees, virtual assistants need to take account of factors such as administrative costs and other expenses, tax, National Insurance (NI), holiday pay, and the number of days they expect to work each month because they aren’t employed by you it’s not YOUR job!

Why would I need a Virtual Assistant?


Let’s not over complicate this. Removing something from your to-do list means you’ll have more time in your day. That’s where the fun begins…

A Virtual Assistant also has the ability to work extremely flexible.  I don’t need to physically be present and clock in and out at a certain time, I don’t need to be out of the office at 6pm because they are locking the doors; I can continue my work into the early hours of morning because I’m not confined to 4 walls or the laws of time or space…. meaning I could potentially be there for you 24/7 !


By you doing the menial yet extremely important ‘must do’ jobs that need doing, it’s restricting you from doing the things you either want to do or SHOULD be doing instead of.

It’s likely this means also you won’t be earning whilst you are sorting out your graphics, replying/deleting spam emails or just adding things to spreadsheets? …. source things out to you Virtual assistant so the jobs that can’t be done by anyone else i.e the money-making jobs… can be done by you!

Not only will it allow you to concentrate on other parts of your business but it will also save you money by hiring on an ad hoc freelance basis.

You needn’t worry about getting me a desk (I have my own!) you needn’t worry about paying any insurances for me (again I have my own!) and also why pay and contract someone for 20  hours per week when realistically there’s only 15 hours worth of work?  Having the flexibility to customize the amount you use an Assistant at any point ensures you are only paying for what you need.

Although I would hate to say goodbye; it’s a lot easier to ‘get rid’ of a VA too over a salaried member of staff.  We will have a contract in place to protect both of us (you don’t want me leaving you in the lurch as much as I don’t want you to do the same with me!) but as we are freelance/self-employed; you don’t have to worry about PAYE, overheads, holidays or sick pay.

You’ll only be charged for the time spent on the work I do for you!

If you require me to do a set number of hours or tasks for your per month or you have tasks that are time critical you may want to consider a retainer.  You pay for my time to be blocked out specifically to you each month whereas ad hoc hours are as and when I can fit you in there is no guarantee I will have the same amount of time the following month to work on your tasks.

You will also have access to your own email box and your tasks are given priority over ad-hoc work (a 2 month notice period is required to terminate a retainer contract).

I offer a free 20-minute Virtual Assistant consultation for all new clients so drop me an email to get booked in now!