About Me

I’m Kirsty. A 30 (something!) mum of 2 (3 if you include the husband!), entrepreneur, business support manager and virtual assistant living near Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

I have been working in administration since leaving school at 16 years old and have had a wide range of administrative roles under my name that has included Sales Administrator, Sales Office Manager, Team Leader, Senior Administrator, LEAN lead and a Customer Service Liason Officer too!

One thing that has never changed throughout my whole working life is that I have always had a desire to make people better at what they do.

I’m not here to just provide you with the virtual marketing and administrative support you may feel you need to grow your business but I want to encourage and support you in your quest to level up and help you unleash your full potential. 

As happy as I would be to assist solely with your administration; my natural instincts and past experiences will cause me to push your boundaries. They will even ask you why you are doing something a certain way if there is an alternative way of doing it that will save you time, effort & even money!

Working for so long in an industry that required me to consistently produce high quality, professional and efficient support to those on the front line of the Justice system as well as acting as a coach/mentor for people within the workplace means I’ve worked with a lot of different people.

My most recent corporate job was one I did for over 13 years where up until September 2018, I was employed by the biggest public sector and government employer.  Although it was my dream job, I actually resigned to spend more time on my own businesses of which some I have been running for 8 years.

My whole reason for working and doing business is to change lives. I get huge satisfaction in helping other people achieve their goals.

I founded the multi award-nominated blog at The Money Saving Mum and in addition to my existing administration experience; blogging has given me the opportunity to also gain extensive knowledge on the designing of WordPress websites, managing blogs, SEO as well as basic graphic design, social media management & content creation. So much so in addition to helping businesses with their administration, I also specifically specialise in virtual blog management over at Better Your Blog

I am obviously a working parent myself too so I know the stresses and strains that family life brings. Work life balance goes out of the window and you sometimes struggle to keep on top of everything!

Another element of my business is PA For Parents where I also provide support to families that perhaps need a helping hand to keep that work-life balance as it should be.   Having to ensure that court proceedings run smoothly on a day to day basis means you can trust me in also ensuring your life too runs like clockwork!

Whatever your reasons for choosing to outsource or seek help; I’m here!

Whether you just need a kick up the bum to increase your productivity, a fresh pair of eyes to look over your business from an outsiders point of view or you specifically want to make more money and start crossing off things on your vision board; outsourcing and asking for help is the first step to growing your business so you are already heading in the right direction reading this!

Kirsty doesn’t just work with women locally either being a virtual assistant she works with businesses all over the world so if you would like a chat wherever you are to see how we get on or how exactly she can help you level up then please feel free to book in via Calendly.

All we ask before our call that you complete this form so we can get to know a bit more about you… there is only so much we can discuss in 15 minutes and I really want you to get the most out of the time we have!