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You’re overwhelmed, confused, stressed and feel like throwing your computer out the window more often than not at the minute.


You want to grow but you spend more time staring at your screen wondering how to do something without making ANY progress. You’re going around in circles trying to learn all the things, and working more hours than ever before.  You just want someone on hand to tell you what to do and how to bloody well do it! 


This online membership is here to help you get rid of the blocks you currently have with tech & help you move forward.  It’s going to take your business to the next level!

One of the unique things about this membership is that you will not only eventually have access to a back office of training videos but you will have access from the start to a Tech Vault full of FAQs via an app. 

Pain In The Tech! will also give you the opportunity to be held accountable and will happily you a loving kick up the bum when things are getting tough.  The guest speakers we already have planned are going to blow your socks off and when you create your first landing page (I know that sounds impossible right now but it WILL happen.. trust me!) we will all be out with our pom poms cheering you on!

In addition to the training videos, guides, PDF’s and images PLUS a catalogue of answers to tons’s of digital FAQ’s in it’s own vault AND the ability to pick the brain of a MailerLite expert; this membership club is going to also give you:



 If you say you’re going to do something, I want make sure you do it!


 Everyone in here is in the same boat as you & there is no such thing as a silly question!

Monthly masterclasses & expert speakers

Every month there will be a new expert speaker Some of the best I’ve come across in business!


Doors open for just 20x founding members (at £15/month) on 14th July 2020 but if you want to do everything in your powers to be one of those 20 and get in 4 days early .. get in on the VIP Guest List NOW!

You missed the early bird offer! Hang fire until Tuesday for the public launch but be warned.. there may be extremely limited places available so be quick!

I know you’re overwhelmed by all the tech out there… that’s why you’re reading this today and I also know you are struggling with all the noise online so my aim is to make this membership as accessible as possible to you.

There will be a membership platform where you will find answers to all FAQ’s in both video and text format.  

There will be a Facebook group but I would encourage everyone to use the vault to find the information they need instead of getting swamped and stuck in a Facebook video loop because something has distracted you from getting the information you need!  

You’re spending way to much time online but you know it’s where you need to be… I don’t want to be a burden or the reason that you are spending more time looking at your phone than being with your family so I want you to have somewhere you can go to and get an answer immediately! 

Guest Experts

We already have our guest experts booked for the next 6 months!  Here are just a few of the topics we will be covering:

The Secrets to Creating Awesome & Targeted Marketing Content

Developing a Growth Mindset

Accounting Systems

Create & Maintain a Positive Mindset

Live Q&A's

Every 2 weeks there will be an opportunity to ask me anything LIVE!

Digital Vault

A place where you can go immediately to get an answer to your question.

Whilst the live Q&A’s, trainings and guest experts will all be streamed into the Facebook group for members only; the vault itself will be held OFF social media and will be accessible via an app!


Accountability is such a powerful tool.

I will be encouraging you to set a task/goal every single week. One that perhaps feels a little out of your comfort zone to achieve every week but one that you know you will achieve should you have someone there holding you accountable.

Tech Tutorials

Stuck on how to add a pixel to your website or how to embed a form into a landing page?  

Tech tutorials will help you with exactly those kind of things.

Hot Seats

Online brainstorming where we all spend an hour every 6 weeks and allow 4 people at a time to bring their ‘biz problem’ to the table and trash out possible solutions.

I’ve helped so many other women over the last 20 years get out of technical ‘pickles’ let say.. you won’t be the first and you certainly won’t be the last!

But who am I? So I’m Kirsty Holden… your gif loving tech queen…!

I have been in the digital world of business since I left school at 16 when I headed straight into my first office job.  Up until September 2018, I continued building my digital knowledge and gained multiple qualifications throughout my time in the corporate world.

I’ve ALWAYS been that ‘go to person’ should anyone encounter any IT issues & the same applies now only instead of it being someone shouting my name across the office it tends to be via voice notes or messages from fellow solopreneurs asking me how to automate an email marketing campaign or where to promote a lead magnet!?  I am now a MailerLite certified expert too so trust me you’re in good hands!

This monthly membership is here to help you get rid of the blocks you currently have around tech and give you the confidence to try new things!

So whether you’ve reached the ceiling of being unable to grow due to your lack of technical knowledge, your lack of ability to outsource or you are simply encountering digital overwhelm daily… then this membership was made for YOU!

See you in there!

Kirsty x