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You didn't become an entrepreneur to work as an employee in your own business...

You became an entrepreneur to work ON your business doing what you love!

It's time to stop wishing there were more hours in the day and let me MAKE more time for the things that matter to YOU!


Stop working more hours than ever before!

Switch off in your currently non existent ‘spare time’!

And put self care to the TOP of you to-do list!


Organise your systems and watch your business grow

Streamline your business and spend less time doing all the things!

Give you more time, more visibility and more money!

Why my clients love me...

Kirsty is a great sounding board for new ideas. She helped me get a plan in place for a project I want to make a start on and I feel a lot clearer on what I’m aiming to do after our coaching call!

Charlotte, Online Content Creator

Kirsty is extremely proactive and suggests changes and improvements all the time. The best bit is that she free’s up my time to go out negotiating more work, creating content and making more money!​

Lynn, Online Content Creator

So who am I?

I'm the Queen of organisation and overall LEAN machine!

No not LEAN as in fitness (I like chocolate waay too much!) but I'm talking about improving the way your business works for YOU!

Getting more done in less time sounds like a dream right?
Allowing you to still provide the best service you can.
Just know you don’t have to work longer hours to earn more money.. you’ve just got to work smarter!

Basically I get rid of all the stuff you as a business owner shouldn't be doing and give you more time to concentrate on the things you actually enjoy!

The one good thing that came from being discriminated in the workplace for simply having children, was that in September 2018 I fulfilled my dreams of being both a Mum and having a successful career with no unnecessary office politics or drama!

2 years on and I am now helping ambitious action oriented business women, just like you, to create the flexible business they’ve always dreamed of because I’ve done just that!  I’ve changed the lives of many women entrepreneurs in the online world by supporting them with their back office processes, improving their productivity to get them to where they want to be and creating systems that let their business run on auto pilot so they can spend more time doing what they love!

So if like me you’ve chosen to create a business around your life instead of a life around somebody else’s business but it’s just getting a bit much right now… get in touch!