transforming your Chaotic Back office to a streamlined machine

 You’re sitting on a gold mine and all you’ve got to do it dig but you’re overworked, underpaid and no real idea on where to start!  You’re zone of genius isn’t to sort, sift or standardise it’s to transform your clients life… just like mine!

You didn’t become an entrepreneur to be an employee in your own business… you became an entrepreneur to do what you love!

Yet right now your thoughts are that you need more time to earn more money, but need more money to work less. You don’t really need me to tell you this but I’m afraid there is no more time in the day!

You are already running a successful coaching or service based business.  You have the creativity, the content, the dreams…. but you know deep down you need to invest time or money to make a change.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel, stop working for your business & let it work for you!

“Kirsty is extremely proactive and suggests changes and improvements all the time. The best bit is that she free’s up my time to go out negotiating more work, creating content and making more money!”

Lynn James - Online content creator

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It's time to make a change

It can’t go on any longer.  I’ll be the first to tell you that I know you can do anything but no one can do everything!

That’s where I come in!

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You want everything done for you & have absolutely no desire to particularly learn something new. You’d much prefer to stay in your own zone of genius, continue to hold space for your clients or simply just give someone else the task to sort out all your shizzle & guide you towards getting your business working for you. 

My Systemise To Scale service is where I get my hands on your business to make operational improvements as well as implementing all the tech that goes with it to leave you with a well oiled machine of a business that can run – and scale – on its own!

This is the perfect service if you are planning to launch a service or have launched before and want a rinse and repeat strategy so you’re ready for your next one before you’ve even finished your first!

Other done for you services include More Mileage For Your Lives where I repurpose your LIVE videos for use across multiple other channels as well as my email funnel building service within the List Building Lab.  This is perfect to help you nurture, educate & nudge your audience to work with you!  I do also offer ad hoc regular tech VA support but this is purely subject to availability.

Maybe you’re relatively early on in your solopreneur journey and can’t afford to outsource.  Perhaps your a virtual assistant who needs to improve on your skills OR  you’ve come to the stage in your business where you need to make some changes to take it to the next level.  

Perhaps you’re actually interested in learning how to do things before you decide on what to get rid and outsource.

My Pain In The Tech monthly membership is ideal for those who are perhaps ‘technically challenged’ or those who are simply overwhelmed with all the tech out there that it is stopping their growth and need some support to work out what’s best for their business.

Self study courses are also an option if you’d prefer, which can obviously be done at your leisure. 

My group programmes are ideal for those who want to commit to making changes in their business in a close knit community with support from me, experts and other like minded women who are at a similar stage to you. 

With step by step tutorials, modules, training and support; my Systemised CEO programme will get you prepared for the next stage of your business.  

It will give you the opportunity to get your back office in order, help you get clear on your priorities, allow you to reconnect with your why and end the programme confident with where your next step in scaling business is.

“You’re bloody brilliant at what you do and flipping lovely to work with too!  You bring a sense of calm, you’re so proactive and you just get stuff done!”

claire dunn & sarah king - we are radikl

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Meet kirsty


The end goal of most female solopreneurs, including me, was to create a business around their life instead of having a life around somebody else’s business.  

And with so many women having taken the leap from the corporate world into entrepreneurship, many are working WAY too hard!

You’re desperate to not have go back to your 9-5 & you’ve never been so determined to make this business a success but 2 years in and you’re absolutely shattered!  There must be an easier way!

Trust me there is! You’re trying to learn & implement all the things, the mind boggles when you hear people talking about email marketing or chat bots, you dream of creating a passive or semi passive income stream and outsourcing just seems more trouble than it’s worth right now.  

There’s no getting away from the fact running your own business is bloody tough (I know… I’ve been running my own for 8 years and I’ve been where you are now!) so as an online business owner myself AND a former LEAN practitioner in the MoJ I’m here for you!  You know deep down the only way to move forward is to make a change and I’m the one that can support you to get you to where you want to be.

My ultimate goal is to help you streamline, simplify and automate your business processes which will in turn allow you to be the true CEO of your business.  It will give you the ability to have a calendar that works around YOU, allow you to put self care to the top of your to do list without feeling guilty AND have allow you the opportunity to able to switch off in your current non existent ‘spare time’.

It’s time to reconnect with the reason you started your business in the first place!

Be the CEO of your LIFE not just your business & have a calendar that suits YOU!

Switch off in your currently non existent ‘spare time’ & work less whilst earning more

And put self care to the TOP of your to-do list & be the best version of yourself for your clients.

I'm Kirsty!

GIF-loving, queen of organisation and overall LEAN machine...

The LEAN I'm referring to by the way is towards creating a more effective business, eliminating wasteful practices and improving efficiency NOT LEAN as in fitness sense.. just FYI & incase you think I'm going to help you get that summer bikini bod!

Simply put, I’m here to help service based online business owners slow down, work less and earn more!  I can give you the time to go get that bikini bod yourself but I can’t help you achieve it.. I like chocolate way to much #sorrynotsorry!

As a former MoJ LEAN practitioner as well as having been a business owner myself for over 8 years; I now help small businesses identify any financial, time, or energy leaks and support their female founders in their quest to reconnect with the reason they started their business in the first place!

Kirsty is a great sounding board for new ideas. She helped me get a plan in place for a project I want to make a start on and I feel a lot clearer on what I’m aiming to do after our coaching call!

Charlotte, Online Content Creator

Kirsty is extremely proactive and suggests changes and improvements all the time. The best bit is that she free’s up my time to go out negotiating more work, creating content and making more money!​

Lynn, Online Content Creator

“It’s like finding gold that you never knew you had.”

Kathryn Ottobrino - Spiritual Business Coach