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...and why your small business needs a blog!

Are you sick of fighting against algorithms or link dropping EVERYWHERE just in the hope there is someone browsing Facebook who is looking for what you have to offer? 

Social media is timely isn’t it and although I certainly wouldn’t say stop..

Blogging can bring those people… to you!!

Sounds awesome doesn’t it.. well on the 27 January 2020 you have the chance to spend 5 days with me carving out foundations of what is going to get those people to YOUR website.  

I am going to give you everything you need to start blogging for business and get views from Google… while you sleep!

So if you’re ready to start driving more traffic to your website, you are ready to reach more people and you are ready to show your clients you mean business then this is for you!

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Your Host

I help ambitious career focused women entrepreneurs in growth stage of their business achieve a dream work life balance by saving them time and energy for the things that really matter.  

SEO is just one element of Digital Marketing that I specialise in that will contribute to maximising efficiency in your business allowing you to work smarter not harder.

Kirsty Holden

Online Business Manager & Virtual Assistant

Google has hundreds of ranking factors and not one thing alone will send you soaring overnight.

It takes time, effort and everything in between including patience!  You cannot expect an increase of 10’s of thousands of views from solely working on one thing.

During this 5 day challenge I will show you everything you NEED to know to set the foundations of a successful blogging for a business SEO strategy where we will cover:

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Google Analytics & Console

Learn how to connect your site to both Google Analytics AND Google console plus why you need it, how to get it, how to use it.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO relates to the readability and accessibility of your posts so we are going to learn more about the impact of headers, keywords, meta description and urls

Keyword Research

Writing about the things that we know people want to read will get you the views but you need to do the research first to see if you can give them what they want.

Mobile friendliness

Google looks at how mobile friendly your site is before anything these days so if your site is not mobile compatible it's unlikely you will rank as highly as you would like.

Kirsty did a huge refresh of my website during 2018. fixing seo, images, formatting, pinterest. Saw a big uplift in traffic that has generated great mediavine revenue for nearly 1 year now. I have more than made back what I spent on va costs.

Why is an SEO strategy important?

Encourages you to create the content that people want to read

Researching what people want to read and the questions that people are asking is one way to get your site recognised by Google.  If no one is searching for what you are writing for Google won’t show it to anyone!

(That doesn’t mean you have to  ALWAYS write solely for SEO though.. you can still create content to share on Social Media or Pinterest!)

Creates another income stream

A good SEO strategy means your domain authority should increase and people could come to you to collaborate.

More views also mean the ability to apply for advertisement agencies such as Mediavine too which can create a consistent income every single month while you sleep!

Gets you more visitors to your website

People that Google want specific information.  They want answers to questions.

With a good strategy, awesome content and everything that Google wants to see in a website; those people will find your site!

encourages your readers to keep coming back

Give Google a reason to favour another site over yours and they will do just that.  

If you site is hard to read, the accessibility of the pages is poor or your site is slow chances are people won’t come back.  

Shows you as an authoritative and trusted figure

Keep giving value and Google will reward you.  Did you know that if the majority of your site is poorly constructed, the content is poor and the SEO is non existent.. it doesn’t matter if some of your posts provide extensive value.. Google looks at sites in it’s overall state.

allows you to sell more

Google classifies keywords into categories. Informational and transactional. 

When Google classifies a keyword as informational it will rank it higher as opposed to one that is just selling giving the reader access to your WHOLE site not just one post.  Providing value over selling will indirectly help you sell more with the content you create.

So what are you waiting for?

27 January 2020

Just bring yourself, your WordPress dashboard and a notepad!

You in yet??

*WordPress is my go to platform for websites and blogs.  Everything that I am going to talk about this week will be with WP in mind however that doesn’t mean if you are on another platform you won’t take anything from it because the strategy and concept of SEO is the same across the board. You might find it a bit of challenge if you are on free platforms such as Weebly or Wix because WP is the only place to be when it comes to blogging.

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