5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sales Right Now

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Every business sometimes needs a quick influx of cash. Whether you’ve come across an expected bill or you just want to reinvest and up level.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to increase your sales, here are a few simple strategies you can implement right now to fill in the gaps.

Ask Your Customers for Referrals

If a customer is satisfied with your products or services, they’ll be happy to spread the word amongst their friends right? But they sometimes need a push to do so. There is no getting away from the fact testimonials and referrals is a super powerful form of marketing because it comes from a real person, not you, the company just promoting yourself.

Some people will naturally sing your praises without even asking them to but to get more why not look at sweetening the deal by offering an incentive? If you feel uneasy asking people for a favour like this, keep in mind that your purpose is to offer your unique value to the people who need it. 

Offer a Low Ticket offer

Also known as a ‘loss leader’ because chances are it’s not going to make you rich. It shouldn’t cost you money though and will help to get your name out there.

We aren’t a supermarkets with millions of products on their shelves in that they can afford to make a loss on one or two things to get the customers in because in effect this is a product you sell below market value for the purpose of bringing in new business. BUT you will get some quick cash if it’s a good deal. More importantly though you WANT those new customers. 

You can use a loss leader to introduce other products through upsells and cross-sells as well if there is something that you think of to link them with. It also offers an opportunity to entice people to sign up for your email list or join your social media groups too! You can also strategically combine it with Facebook ad’s too but you’d need to speak to a professional ad’s manager about that!

Have a Flash Sale!

A flash sale is a great way to inject a quick boost of cash into your business. Offer a deep discount on a high-value item for a limited time only. But remember a flash sales typically last only 24 hours or a set amount of time and SHOULD NOT be extended under any circumstances!

But ensure you choose a good product your audience will love and announce the sale well ahead of time. Make sure the terms are clear and stick strictly to them. If you have people wanting to buy after the sale is over, start planning your next one DO NOT be tempted to keep the price low or offer the discount to anyone who wants to buy AFTER the offer expires.

Reconnect with Past Customers

It’s much easier and cheaper to sell to past customers than to bring in new ones. You probably have some customers who haven’t bought anything in a while meaning now is as good time as any to rekindle the relationship and offer them a good deal. 

Think about creating an offer that’s highly valuable to your customers or maybe create an occasion for the sale or offer it as a “thank you,” an exclusive deal to reward their loyalty. 

Offer a Taster

A great way to attract new customers or get your existing customers to buy more is to offer them a taste of the value you have to offer. Give people a free trial, webinar, an open day or some other offer where they get to see your products or services in action. 

If you want to offer something limited, choose a select group of your most engaged buyers since these are the ones most likely to purchase. 

Add any of these techniques to your sales plan and you can employ them whenever you need a quick burst of cash or want to boost sales. If you understand the times in the sales cycle when your sales lag such as summer when everyone is on their summer holidays or the build up to Christmas perhaps when they have other things on their mind; you can prepare well ahead of time to mitigate the costs. 


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