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Hey.. so I’m Kirsty. A 30 (something!) mum of 2 (3 if you include the husband!) queen of organisation & LEAN machine living near Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire!

Growing up I knew I wanted to be my own boss. I didn’t know what in I just knew I wanted to run my own business.

Perhaps it was this poem written to me by my Grandma that planted the seed when I was just 13!

I always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to be a Travel Agent or a Solicitor but knew neither was going to happen if I didn’t go to college and I didn’t want to to be fair. I wanted to be out working so I decided on an apprenticeship & once I’d passed all my GCSE’s I was off…!

I began working in administration just 5 months after I turned 16 where I got my first job in the sales office of a paint factory.

During my time there I gained a couple of Business Administration NVQ’s and even at such a young age ended up being the go to person to cover the the sales office supervisor role! I left when I was 19 to work for the Ministry of Justice.

The work was exactly what I had wanted to get my hands on for years I just didn’t realise… maybe I didn’t actually want to be a solicitor after all! I did a couple more NVQ’s that included digging deeper into the Prosecution & Tribunal side of the job and genuinely loved every second.. until I had children that is!

Like so many working mothers out there; I encountered ton’s of negative and discriminative treatment & my confidence was knocked. At the end of 2017 I self referred myself for CBT.

The one good thing that came from being pushed away from a job that I loved just because I wanted the flexibility to both work and care for my children; was the fact it was now MY time to do what I have always wanted. So after my CBT, and 6 months to the day that I set an aim to leave the department I handed my notice in!

I’ve always been an ambitious women and I felt like I had been punished for having children as if I couldn’t have both!

September 2018 came around and it was now my time to spend more time on my own businesses, some of which I had been doing as a ‘side hustle’ for nearly 8 years just to bring some income in due to a reduction in wage!

It also gave me the opportunity to work as flexibly as I wanted to whilst my children were small and during the time that they needed me the most.

In my most recent role I had been a team leader, mentor, Customer Service Liason Officer, LEAN lead and everything in between whilst working in an industry that required me to consistently produce high quality, professional and efficient support to those on the front line of the Justice system.

During my whole working life I’ve always helped others. I get huge satisfaction in supporting others to achieve their goals and wanted to bring that into what I was doing now. I was not prepared to let everything I had learnt and loved over the past 15 years in the corporate world just go to waste because someone didn’t value me.

The online world has contributed massively to giving me the opportunity to create a business around my life instead of a life around somebody elses business and the fact I now help others do exactly the same still blows my mind!

I’m able to continue using all the skills I’ve acquired over the past (near!) 20 years knowing that although during the time I lost myself a little I still had the desire there to make people better at what they do makes me very proud.

I’m not here to just provide you with the virtual marketing and administrative support you may feel you need to grow your business though. I want to encourage and support you in your quest to level up and help you unleash your full potential too!

My natural instincts and past experiences will cause me to push your boundaries. I am strategy focused, can manage a team and use my own initiative to build YOU business.

I will ask you the questions you really don’t want to hear but maybe you NEED to hear. I will question why you are doing something a certain way if there is an alternative way of doing it that will save you time, effort & even money!

More about me….

When I reduced my hours further after my second born and went term time, I decided to start the now multi award-nominated blog at The Money Saving Mum.

In addition to my existing administration experience; this ‘now not so new’ form of internet marketing has also given me the opportunity to also gain extensive knowledge on the designing of WordPress websites, managing blogs, SEO as well as basic graphic design, social media management & content creation. So much so in addition to helping businesses with their administration, I decided to specifically specialise in virtual blog management over at Better Your Blog.

I am obviously a working parent myself too so I know the stresses and strains that family life brings. Work life balance goes out of the window and you sometimes struggle to keep on top of everything!

Another element of my business was PA For Parents where I also provide support to families that perhaps need a helping hand to keep that work-life balance as it should be.

Even though I had all these strands to my business, they all seemed to just blend into one! It didn’t really make sense to have so many! No matter where my clients found me, they all wanted the same end result; they were all online business owners wanting to work smarter not harder, wanting to spend more time doing what they love with the majority of which being parents!

It was in the middle of 2019 that I decided to rebrand and become ME. So whatever your reasons for choosing to outsource or seek help; I’m here!

Whether you just need a kick up the bum to increase your productivity, a fresh pair of eyes to look over your business from an outsiders point of view or you specifically want to make more money and start crossing off things on your vision board; outsourcing and asking for help is the first step to growing your business so you are already heading in the right direction reading this!

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