Get more mileage on your content by repurposing!

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing is recycling new content and upcycling old to reach more people and create alternative pieces of marketing material to promote your brand.

Breaking one large content piece into smaller bites stretches your content and could save you time in the long run too as you could potentially end up with a content bank up to your eyeballs lasting months!

Content repurposing allows you to grow both your authority and visability as it gives you the opportunity to be everywhere without physically being everywhere saving you time, effort and a lot less stress!


Every savvy business owner or blogger knows that content investment shouldn’t end once a blog post is made public, a live video is published or a podcast is released but for most actually doing anymore beyond hitting publish just the once is a real effort…

... that's what I'm here for!

Facebook to YouTube

Grow your YouTube channel and reach new people using the video content from your Facebook page

Facebook to Blog Post

A transcription of your Facebook Live video could be published soon after as a fresh new blog post!

Podcast to Blog Post

Turning a podcast into a blog post keeps your site active and allows you to create addition content with very little effort!

Why Me?

As a former MoJ LEAN practitioner, I was part of a team creating a smarter, simpler and unified MoJ that was focused on serving the public and reforming the justice system.  

Everything about my day to day job was continuously looking for improvements and always working smarter.  I have proven abilities to identify, implement and coach others to see benefits from both CI and LEAN too.

Content repurposing is one major element of LEAN which I was very eager to bring into my own business. It is something that I now specialise in and offer to others too due to my corporate background, strong digital skills & significant practical experience of leading and applying LEAN principles, tools & techniques with a variety of teams/clients.

Content repurposing allows you to continue doing what you are good at and consistently show up for your ideal clients.

These days, we HAVE to promote our content through multiple channels whether we like it or not.

Flitting between social media channels trying to create new pieces of content and doing nothing more with what you’ve already created then is not good use of your time.

The list is endless as far as what you can repurpose so if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by your to-do list or feel your content creation is slacking a little, then this will really amplify your existing content & give you a real boost of confidence in knowing you are still being visible. 

Why repurpose...

Blog Posts

Can give your site an SEO boost & gives you the opportunity to gain site authority and sell more products or services!

Reach New Audiences

Repurposing the content for different mediums allows you to meet an audience and ideal clients with very little effort.

Reinforce your message

Not everyone will see everything but repetition in different formats can be an essential part of sending a message that sinks in.

Blog Post to Social Media

Repurposing existing content from blog posts could save you so much time... you have it all there waiting!

Video to Social Media

Stills lifted from videos can be utillised right across your social media from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram!

Podcast to Social Media

Taking bits out of your Podcast to upload as updates can really encourage people to list to more episodes

Sound good? Grab this limited time offer NOW!

All that I need from you is to keep churning out the content, showing up on your lives, creating those blog posts and leave me do the rest!


If you want to extend the life of your existing content whilst saving save time, effort and even money AND reach more people this this is for you!

10 pieces of content


20 pieces of content



Whether you’d prefer me to restore some old Facebook lives that are just sitting there stagnant or it’s solely new posts and content that you create from now.. it is entirely up to you! 

It doesn’t have to be a monthly thing either! There is no contract and it’s completely PAYG.

You ready??

Ready to create a bank of killer content that you can repurpose continuously to your social media for months in advance…

Or perhaps just ready to put your feet up and spend less time promoting!  Maybe you want to spend more time showing up for your auidence & creating the best quality content you can than thinking about what to do with everything you’ve already done!

It would be great to have a chat about how you currently manage your content creation/repurposing and to see if this service is for you too.

Just don't hang about!

I can only take on so many repurposing clients per month!

Depending on the amount of content you produce or already have in your content bank will depend on what can be reproduced.  20 pieces of content for someone regularly active everywhere or someone who already has a bank of content just sitting stagnant on Facebook, your blog or even YouTube could mean your social media content schedule is planned for months in advance or that it gives you the opportunity to have a YouTube video scheduled every week for the next 6 weeks!

What people say about me?

Kirsty is a great sounding board for new ideas. She helped me get a plan in place for a project I want to make a start on and I feel a lot clearer on what I’m aiming to do after our coaching call!
Charlotte Millington
One of the things I love the most about working with Kirsty is that I can just drop her a note at any time of day and know it will be picked up, and I don't have to chase, things just magically happen.
Tabitha Crest

How does it work?

One piece of content, a Facebook Live for example, would be repurposed into a format suitable for a YouTube video, transcription into a txt file for a blog post and extracts for social media updates.  

A Podcast episode would be repurposed into an audiogram for use on YouTube and social media as well as being transcribed into a txt file for a blog post and extracts taken from the audio for social media.

Blog post content would be analysed for social media updates and infographics.  The content would also be turned into a PDF document for use as a script elsewhere for example on a YouTube videos on Facebook Live.

A YouTube video would again be analysed for social media updates with the audio being extracted for use on a Podcast and transcribed to a txt file for use on a blog.

Video Still to Social Media Post

About ME

Kirsty Holden is a Hull based Online Business Support Manager who supports women entrepreneurs in their quest to work more flexibly but earn more money!

Did you choose to start your business with the vision of creating something around your life instead of a life around somebody elses business but are getting to the stage where you’re feeling more stressed than ever before?

Although you’ve the determination and growth mindset needed to impact more people and earn more money; you’ve now come to the realisation that you cannot possibly do everything. Perhaps it’s really starting to impact on your work life balance or you’ve noticed you are in that growth stage of your business where your services are selling, sales, revenue and profits are on the rise but need the support to generate more.

Kirsty is a former MoJ administration officer, LEAN lead & mentor who left the corporate world to create the same life as you! She now specialises in helping women who have also chosen to create a flexible online business; leverage their time, increase profits and scale their business online as an OBM.

If you would like an informal chat to see if you’d be a good fit for our services why not book a call or click the link below to see if you are ready for an OBM.