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Prepare to be totally empowered with content repurposing!

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Kirsty [is] an absolute star and extremely proactive . . .
she frees up my time to go out negotiating more work, creating content and making more money!
Lynn James
Kirsty Holden & HLDN Media has been terrific . . . we wholeheartedly recommend her services.
Kevin Chippendale & Simon Everett

Podcasters, course creators & coaches...

..can you imagine being everywhere and doing everything, while actually doing LESS WORK?

Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it?

But how is that ever going to happen when you’re stretched enough with barely any time to brush your teeth, eat healthily and look after your family, let alone yourself?

Well, it is possible with content repurposing!  And it will make your life so much easier!

You need to show up in your group programme, masterminds, at networking events, retreats, social media LIVES.. no one else can do that for you right?! 

And that’s before all the content creation that goes with it… 

How are you meant to do everything without feeling like you’re drowning?

What is content repurposing?

It’s taking a piece of content, breaking it down and turning it into more. Allowing you to reach more people, across more channels.

It’s upcycling old and recycling new content. Creating more marketing material to promote you and your brand.

It’s taking one large piece of content and breaking it into smaller bites for social media. 

Uploading your Facebook Live to YouTube. 

Transcribing your videos to written content. 

Turning podcasts into blog posts.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But like you said, you have enough to do. I get it. 

That’s where I come in, and here’s why content repurposing is the solution to your problems.

I'll relieve the burden!

When you’re already overwhelmed, constantly producing fresh content is just too much. Content repurposing removes that pain and provides you with a content bank lasting for months

It goes beyond hitting publish, and your original content just keeps on giving!

Which frees up your time to concentrate on your business, your family, and YOU.

Release the pressure

Content repurposing makes you more visible

You can be everywhere, without physically being everywhere! 

You’ll be readily present on all of your social platforms. 

Saving you time, effort and a great deal of stress.

Attract a greater audience

Repurposing your existing content means it can be published across multiple streams, reaching a global audience. 

You’ll attract more leads, reducing the need to search for them.

Grow your authority

Your content on all of your social channels positions you as an authority and it gives you the opportunity to reinforce your message. 

Repetition across different formats can really help that message sink in and frequently reach more people.

Boost your growth

Form an orderly queue! Content repurposing means you can grow your network with less hard work from you. 

Recycled and upcycled content can also become a larger, stronger lead magnet, resulting in more subscribers and discovery calls.

Build your relationships

Leave the growth of your content bank to me and focus on nurturing your existing client relationships, spending more time with family, or just spending some time with YOU!

More money for you!

Hiring a proactive, forward-thinking online business manager to think for you will save you money

You’ll also get a greater ROI!

When you spend less time on brainstorming and creating content, you can continue to show up for your audience, build your business and increase your income too!

Here's the sort of content repurposing we're talking about.

Facebook to YouTube

Grow your YouTube channel and reach new people using video content from your Facebook page.

Facebook to Blog Post

A transcription of your Facebook Live video could be published soon after as a fresh new blog post, giving you a nice SEO boost.

Podcast to Blog Post

Having the content from a podcast in a format you can repurpose to a blog post, keeps your site active and in Google's good books!

Blog Post to Social Media

Repurposing existing content from blog posts could save you so much time... it's all there waiting!

Video to Social Media

Stills lifted from videos can be utillised right across your social media from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram!

Podcast to Social Media

Uploading podcast "sound bites" as social updates can really encourage people to listen to more episodes.

How does it work?

Blog content will be analysed and broken down for social media updates and infographics.  And can be turned into a PDF script for use on a Facebook Live or YouTube video

YouTube videos can be repurposed into social media  updates with the audio also being converted for use on a Podcast and transcribed to a txt. file for use on a blog.

Your Facebook Live will be converted into a format suitable for a YouTube video, transcription into a txt. file for a blog post and extracts taken for social media updates.

Podcasts will be repurposed into audiogram files for use on YouTube, social media and your website. It will also be transcribed into a txt. file for a blog post and again extracts taken to use as social media updates.  

Why me?

As a former MoJ LEAN practitioner, I was part of a team creating a smarter, simpler and unified MoJ that was focused on serving the public and reforming the justice system.

Everything about my day to day job was continuously looking for improvements and always working smarter. I have proven abilities to identify, implement and coach others to see benefits from both CI and LEAN too.

Content repurposing is one major element of LEAN which I was very eager to bring into my own business. It is something that I now specialise in and offer to others too due to my corporate background, strong digital skills & significant practical experience of leading and applying LEAN principles, tools & techniques with a variety of teams/clients.

blog selfie 2

I'm all about working smarter, NOT harder.

These days, we HAVE to promote our content through multiple channels whether we like it or not.

Flitting between social media channels, trying to create new pieces of content and not maximising your existing content’s potential is not the best use of your time.

With content repurposing, you can continue doing what you are good at and consistently show up for your ideal clients.

The list is endless as far as what you can repurpose. 

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list or you’re struggling to keep up with content creation, repurposing to amplify your existing content is the perfect solution.

And you’ll get a real confidence boost in knowing you’re visible everywhere.

Grab this limited time offer NOW!

What do I need from you?

Keep showing up for Facebook live and podcasts, continue to create your blog posts and leave me do the rest. It’s that simple!

You’ll save time, effort, and money AND reach new people by extending the life of your existing content.

10 pieces of content


20 pieces of content


Whether you want old content refreshed, new content repurposed, or both, it’s your choice. 

The best part? 

There is no ongoing monthly contract. It’s completely PAYG.

Are you ready??

Ready to create a bank of killer content that you can schedule to your social media for months in advance?

Or are you ready to put your feet up and spend less time promoting? 

Perhaps you want to spend more time showing up for your audience & creating the best quality content you can. I’ll multiply that material for you, leaving you to get on with what matters.

Let’s chat about how you manage your content creation and see how I can help you.

What if you had the opportunity to schedule a YouTube video every week for the next 6 weeks? 

Imagine your social media content being planned for months in advance?

We can recycle stagnant content from Facebook, your blog, or YouTube, and repurpose future podcasts, Facebook Lives, and blog posts.

We’ll give you a huge boost… and an enormous sigh of relief. 

(PS: Don’t hang about…! Capacity for content repurposing clients is limited)