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You’ve heard of a mailing list and the importance of having one but it just keeps getting putting it to the bottom of the never ending pile of ‘must do’s right?

Answer me this question; how are you currently keeping in contact with your current, previous and potential clients?

If you aren’t collecting email addresses and you are solely relying on social media for example, what if Facebook disappears, goes down or (heaven forbid!) your 2000 strong group gets shut down!?

Perhaps you’ve already got a few people on your list but you’re doing nothing with them?  I can help you reach out to those what are already on your list and/or even set up automation to collate more! 

But how do we get a hold of people’s email addresses? Well first we need to consider what we are going to offer to our readers and potential clients in exchange for their email address & create an irresistible lead magnet! 

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is an incentive that business owners offer to potential clients in exchange for their email address or other contact information.

Lead magnets usually consist of a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a free PDF checklist, report, eBook, video content etc.

But not only is it sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees and work out what it is that you can offer as a freebie but there is also the technical side to contend with to of how you are actually going to get it to them?!

'But I haven't got the time to send emails so what's the point in having a mailing list?!'

You really don’t need to religiously send emails week in week out.. don’t panic!

Even just setting up your mailing list to collate potential clients email addresses is better than doing nothing right? 

Why not even just consider automating your blog posts for now and just send out an automatic email out every time you publish a new piece of content?

My email marketing packages consist of monthly newsletters, lead pages, pop ups, on-boarding sequences, lead magnet designs & automation.  Best bit though.. chances are you once it’s done it done and you can be adding to your mailing list whilst you sleep through automation without you lifting a finger!

Newsletter Creation

Perhaps you'd rather me publish from your draft every month (£40) or you're happy for me to work my magic using my own personal experience of creative writing through information gathering, promotional blog posts/products, storytelling and affiliates to knock up a newsletter fit for a queen! (£70).

From just £40 per newsletter

PLUS £70 one off set up fee of the initial template.  Template can be continuously be reused. £40 per newsletter is from draft.

Lead Magnet Distribution

Want to give back something to those that are signing up to your mailing list? Everyone loves a freebie so whether you already have one already or you fancy brainstorming some ideas; I'm more than happy to help! Once you know what you want to offer we can set up automatic distribution to every one who joins your list!

From just £127 for a lead magnet automation

PLUS brainstorm, creation and design if applicable.  This is not a sequence and contains just one email.

The price above includes integration with your WP website using a basic landing page or a Mailerlite/Mailchimp landing page (should you not have a website).

Distribution of Blog Post

Perhaps you're an epic content creator who loves to create regular blog post content day after day or week after week? How about sending every single blog post to everyone on your mailing list? You don't have to then wait to find time to produce and add it to the next newsletter either! Once you hit publish it will be put in a pile to either send that same day or if you'd prefer a round up email every week then that's totally do-able too!

£70.00 one off fee!

This is NOT something that needs maintaining either.. once it’s set up it’s set up and away you go!

You ready to reach more people...

...automate, outsource & grow?

What people say about me?

Kirsty is a great sounding board for new ideas. She helped me get a plan in place for a project I want to make a start on and I feel a lot clearer on what I’m aiming to do after our coaching call!
Charlotte Millington
One of the things I love the most about working with Kirsty is that I can just drop her a note at any time of day and know it will be picked up, and I don't have to chase, things just magically happen.
Tabitha Crest

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