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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers on virtual assistance services

Virtual Assistants (VA’s) provide administrative services for a range of clients on a freelance basis.  Services provided by virtual assistants can include answering and/or managing e-mails, secretarial and administrative tasks, bookkeeping, payroll, diary management, transcription, filing, event and travel booking and data entry.

Some virtual assistants, like myself, provide specialist services too such as WordPress website design and updating, desktop publishing and marketing.  Virtual assistants typically work on long and short-term contracts for their clients or are contracted on an occasional basis

Virtual assistants typically charge an hourly rate and some charge discount a monthly retainer. When setting their fees, virtual assistants need to take account of factors such as administrative costs and other expenses, tax, National Insurance (NI), holiday pay, and the number of days they expect to work each month because they aren’t employed by you it’s not YOUR job!

Let’s not overcomplicate this. Removing something from your to-do list means you’ll have more time in your day. 

That’s where the fun begins and you find you actually have time to work on your business instead of working IN IT!

A VA also has the ability to work extremely flexible.  I personally do not have any set hours of work per se (I do have my ‘office hours’) as I still have my family and children to work around but don’t let that put you off;  I don’t need to physically be present and clock in and out at a certain time and I certainly don’t need to be out of the office at 6pm because they are locking the doors. 

I can continue my work into the early hours of the morning because I’m not confined to 4 walls or the laws of time or space…. meaning I could potentially be there for you 24/7!

A Virtual Assistant can also actually save you money too!

By removing the menial yet important ‘must do’ jobs from your ‘to-do list’ allows you to concentrate on the things you WANT to do, the things you HAVE to do or the things only YOU can do. 

If you’re finding you’re spending way to much time on the small data entry jobs or email management, it probably means you won’t be earning whilst you are sorting out your graphics, replying/deleting spam emails or preparing spreadsheets right?

Outsource things out to a Virtual assistant so the jobs that can’t be done by anyone else i.e the money-making jobs or just to allow you to be with those that need you present (your family!) … can be fulfilled by you!

Not only will it allow you to concentrate on other parts of your business but it will also save you money. You needn’t worry about getting me a desk (I have my own) you needn’t worry about paying any insurances for me (again I have my own) and also why pay and contract someone for 30 hours per week when realistically you may only have 5 hours worth of work one week? Having the flexibility to customize the amount you use an assistant at any point ensures you are only paying for what you need.

Although I would hate to say goodbye; it’s a lot easier to ‘get rid’ of a virtual assistatn too over a salaried member of staff.  We are freelance/self employed so you don’t have to worry about PAYE, overheads, holidays or sick pay; you will be charged for the time spent on the work I do for you!

More than you probably think!

Chris Ducker recommends every entrepreneur to create a ‘3 lists to freedom’ for immense entrepreneurial success.  

These three things will help you delegate your time more effectively and boost productivity.

Here are the three things you should write down:

  • Things you hate doing.
  • Things you can’t do yourself.
  • Things you shouldn’t be doing.

I am based in East Yorkshire in the north of England. I do a lot of my work virtually for clients all over the world however if you are local and would like to meet up then we can totally make that happen 

Some services are quoted for per task or packaged up whereas some are a best chargeable per hour if they include multiple tasks or for tasks where I am unable to give an 100% accurate estimate on time taken. 

My ad hoc rates start at £28/hour with retainer packages that secures my time every month available at a discounted rate by booking 5, 10 or 20 hours per month.

Perhaps on the face of it yes if you’re looking at it as an hourly rate but don’t forget:

  • you don’t have to worry about paying my sick pay if I’m poorly (if I don’t do the job I don’t get paid!)
  • you don’t have to worry about paying my National Insurance because I pay my own!
  • you don’t have to worry about paying taxes because again I pay my own!
  • you don’t have to worry about getting me a desk, or a computer, or stationery… yep you guessed it… I have my own!

So if you actually break it down… nope it’s in fact A LOT CHEAPER to hire me than a part time/full-time employee.

Of course! Contracted clients do take precedent so if you want to guarantee time in my diary every month then a retainer is the way to do so however ‘odd jobs’ are very much welcomed… feel free to get in touch and I can give you an estimate turnaround.

All work, whether it be under a retainer or ad-hoc work is payment up front via bacs.

Sure!  Feel free to get in touch for a free 15 minute Discovery Call. All I ask is prior to our call and ensure you’ve read through all of these FAQ’s. 

You can book your call via Calendly here.

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