Want To Make More Sales? Then Be Sure to Make It Easy for Your Customers to Buy!

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We all want to earn more in business and if you’re reading this you must wholly agree!

You have stellar products and services that perfectly meet the needs of your market and offer unique value meaning all we really need to do is make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy from you. Easy right?

That being said, having to think of all ways you can do that can sometimes be really quite difficult but if we don’t do this at all, we are not going to see the sales we deserve!

Offer Several Payment Methods

The aim is to offer as many payment methods as possible. If a customer wants to buy from you but you don’t have their preferred payment method, there’s a chance they’ll leave and go to someone who does. Have you ever walked into a shop to find they don’t have a card machine or they only accept a card under a certain amount? Only a small portion of customers will go through the trouble to find a cashpoint or set up a new payment system just to buy from you.

What you really need to do is find out which online payment methods are currently popular. Are you finding there are more customers who come in with a card than cash? Learn about your customers’ preferences. by listening and ask them if you don’t know.

Keep It Clean and Simple

The whole purchasing process should have a clean design and simple navigation. You don’t want anyone to jump through hoops to buy because they will give up. The customer shouldn’t have to make an account and log in to buy from you. Ensure you allow check out as a guest because it should just be a couple of clicks. If it is taking too long they may well go somewhere else. Only ask for information that’s absolutely essential.

This not only makes it easier but also gives your customers peace of mind about the security of their information too.

Once you’re set up, be sure test the ordering process yourself and look for anything that slows it down or complicates it. If you find it hard to put yourself in the shoes of a customer who’s on-the-fence, ask someone else to do it.

That’s the kind of thing I am here for as your fresh pair of eyes working on your business not necessarily IN it. If there are any glitches or complications in the system, get rid of them a-sap!

Set up a Merchant Account and Mobile Payments

Set up a merchant account if you don’t already have one. This is a business account that allows you to process credit cards without using a third party like Paypal, Stripe or WorldPay. Think of it as the digital version of a credit card reader. You should be set up to take any type of traditional payment method as well as online payment processors. 

Also get set up to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, digital wallets, and other mobile payment methods. Increasingly, people like to pay for goods online on the go. You may well lose business from mobile purchasers if they can’t! 

Excellent Customer Service Standing By

Make sure you have good, responsive customer service available for when there are problems. There should be multiple ways to contact a human being. Response time is critical too so make sure someone is standing by and can reply quickly even if it’s just to acknowledge. Ensure you’ve trained all staff to put customer service as a number one priority. The human touch is especially important for engendering trust online. 


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