LoA & Mindset Coach: From Chaos to Calm!

Client Niche: Law of Attraction & Mindset Coach

Processes Involved: onboarding, content creation, lead generation, marketing, audience building

Systems required WordPress, Woocommerce, MailChimp, Trello, Stripe, Paypal

My client was already an extremely successful LoA and Mindset coach and she will not mind me saying this at all because these are in fact her words not mine(!) but in and amongst all the chaos going on behind the scenes of her business she knew she was sitting on a gold mine (which is usually the case to be fair!).

She knew that she had the skills, the confidence, the experience, the passion not forgetting the mission to 10x her business as far as impact, income and audience but her systems and processes in the back end were a bit of a mess.

The client came to me with the desire to get everything under one roof, and to not be so dependant on Facebook. She had grown her business thus far solely on a super busy social media platform.

It was also clear as day from the off that her mailing list was confusing her to death so she simply didn’t use it as she should and she was paying for numerous online platforms that she really didn’t need. There was no follow up with someone who had enrolled on a course, downloaded a lead magnet or paid a fee via paypal… it just stopped until she personally replied or sent an email to each and everyone because it just took too much effort to try and understand MailChimp.

Her big overall aim and goal though was to get off social media (not completely, just enough for her to feel like she wasn’t being a slave to her phone(!) and get as much in one place as possible.

Because she didn’t really have a base she found herself having to flit between numerous platforms including Udemy, Teachable, MemberVault, Leadpages & Paypal to serve her clients and did everything manually!

After working with me & putting the systems and processes in place customisable to her business, including a website, she now:

  • has control of everything.
  • doesn’t have to pay a fee to host her courses or landing pages elsewhere.
  • can connect her email marketing platform to her website to follow up on orders (with an ability to do so more when we upgrade her email marketing platform from the wretched MailChimp!)
  • can share her ‘shop’ with her social media audience with confidence knowing they are buying from the owner instead of a website called ‘Teachable’ which to some haven’t ever heard of!

She also doesn’t have to feel like she has to be on social media all the time because she now has a website attached to her socials where people can see EVERYTHING she does!

We even set up a Trello board which meant she no longer has to even go on messenger and send over to her VA her content!  

All she has to do was set a time to sit down and either email the Trello board where content would be automatically stored for her VA to pick up and for her to repurpose elsewhere too OR go over to Trello herself where she can see exactly what’s been scheduled/posted and what hasn’t and add to it when she see’s fit!

I know from our first time working together that by the end she had in fact uninstalled Facebook from her mobile phone and only spends time on it when she opened her laptop!

Now this is just the beginning of really streamlining her systems & ensuring her processes work for her.   There is so much more that we can do, and likely will be doing in the future, including adding more products/services to her shop, moving email marketing platforms as well as setting up more unrestricted automations and onboarding processes for in person events that she can simply activate with a click of a finger whenever she needs to.

So please reach out and book a call if you too can relate to being a slave to your phone, or are getting so confused with the ton’s numerous platforms you are working on right now that you don’t want to really touch any let alone streamline them!

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