You are ON FIRE with your Facebook LIVES right now!

Literally smashing them out like there is no tomorrow!

Old videos get the odd #replay but the fact of the matter is that the majority are now just sat there stagnant on your page or group.

You LOVE doing your lives & Facebook is where you seem to be spending most of your time.  

You know it’s not cool to put all your eggs in one basket but it’s where most of your audience is right now & you just can’t keep away!

The only downside to this is finding the time to reach more people because doing anything more than what you’re doing now is proving impossible!


Having the ability to reach more people without having to do more work.

Getting the attention of your ideal clients and getting them coming to you instead of you creating more content in order to find them.

Being visible across ALL platforms whilst you sleep.

Reigniting your idle mailing list who hasn’t seen an email from you in a fair few months!

Having a huge bank of content using your authentic words without having to do it yourself!


Flitting between social media channels, trying to create new pieces of content on each and not maximising your existing content is not the best use of your time.

With my content repurposing service, you can continue doing what you are good at and consistently show up for your ideal clients.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list or you’re struggling to keep up with content creation, repurposing to amplify your existing content is the perfect solution.

Up cycling old content and recycling new, gives you more marketing material to promote you & your brand resulting in a return that is off the scale, this is a no brainer! 

Let me turn your LIVE videos into emails to send to your list, blog posts to post on your site and social media updates to share across ALL your platforms without you doing more work!

There is no monthly contract and it’s completely PAYG (turnaround times may differ from those stated depending on availiblity).  Upgrades are also available should you want to convert your 30+ minute LIVE videos to SEO friendly YouTube Videos or your videos include multiple participants just click the images below to view the options.

I'm the Queen of organisation and overall LEAN machine!

No not LEAN as in fitness (I like chocolate waay too much!)

My ultimate goal is to help you streamline your processes, and to keep your business organised and running efficiently giving you:

More Time

More Visibility

More Money

Being a former LEAN practitioner in the MoJ; looking for ways to eliminate waste, save time and do things as efficiently as possible has become a natural occurrence in all aspects of my life! I am those fresh eyes over your business, your content and your life.

With the background I have and the fact that I too am a wife, mother and businesswoman myself; I know how powerful working smarter NOT harder is and how so many other female founders out there are either doing too much or are working to close in their business they’re struggling to see the wood for the trees.

If you’re ready to create a bank of killer content with your name on it that you can schedule to your social media for months in advance… this is for you!

If you’re ready to put your feet up and spend less time promoting yourself here there and everywhere … this is for you!

Perhaps you want to spend more time showing up for your audience & creating the best quality content you can… this will give you time to do just that!

If after you’ve checked out the FAQ’s below, you would like to chat about how we can better manage your content creation then feel free to book a call!

It’s not so much the length of the video that is dependant on the amount of content we get out of it… it’s what’s in it that counts.

I can sometimes get the same amount from a 9 minute video as you can a 30 minute video!

On average a LIVE video tends to be around 30 minutes long meaning along as yours is within that then the prices above are applicable.

Repurposing your Facebook LIVE to a YouTube video is all well and good but if it’s not optimised from the off then it’s kind of pointless!

When you choose to upgrade and repurpose your Facebook LIVE to a YouTube video it also includes SEO too!

The upgrade option of £10 per 30+ minutes live video includes the editing of the live video (removing your ‘erms’ and (where possible!) any interactions with those who are watching LIVE.  

It also includes design of an end slate which encourages people to not only subscribe to your channel but also watch some of your other videos too (same end slate design one must be used throughout).

I can indeed… drop me an email to let me know the length and also if it includes more than two people; I will then be able to quote accordingly.

Some Facebook LIVES can potentially be part of hour long training modules.  These too can be repurposed but will potentially need to be looked at outside of the pricing scope above. 

Yep.. it will need a little more love, care and attention on them but totally possible!  

Again email me for a quote where you have a LIVE with more than 2 participants.

Why my clients love me...

As a business owner, a mum, a wife and serving my clients in the best way possible; you are trying to master so many other skills too .. for me this service was definitely about saving time.

Finding Kirsty has just made it so much easier to be able to always have a bank of content ready to go from just 1 Facebook Live!

Stacey, NLP Practitioner

Kirsty [is] an absolute star and extremely proactive. 

She frees up my time to go out negotiating more work, creating content and making more money!

Lynn, Online Content Creator

It’s like finding gold you never knew you had!

Kathryn, Business Coach