You’re overwhelmed right now. You want to grow but you spend more time staring at your computer wondering how to do something without making ANY progress. You’re going around in circles trying to learn all the things, and working more hours than ever before.  You just want someone on hand to tell you what to do and how to bloody well do it! 


Well let me introduce myself, I’m Kirsty Holden & I am quite simply your gif loving tech queen…!

I have been in the digital world of business for nearly 20 years; having left school at 16 I headed straight into my first office job.  Up until September 2018, I continued building my digital knowledge and gained multiple qualifications throughout my time in the corporate world.

I’ve ALWAYS been that ‘go to person’ should anyone encounter any IT issues & the same applies now only instead of it being someone shouting my name across the office it tends to be via voice notes or messages from fellow solopreneurs asking me how to automate an email marketing campaign or where to promote a lead magnet!?

Many women, including myself, have taken the leap from corporate to self employment and chose to create a business around their life instead of having a life around somebody else’s business.

Maybe they got used to having IT support at their ‘office job’ only now they no longer have that safety net or never in a million years did they think they would need to know as much as they do now!

This monthly membership is here to help you get rid of the blocks you currently have with tech & help you remove the fear.  It’s going to grow your business and take it to the next level, so whether you’re making the transition from an offline business to online or you just simply can’t grow due to your lack of technical knowledge… this membership is for you.  

In addition to all the training you need to support you in your online business, it’s going to also give you a loving kick up the bum when things are getting tough with weekly accountability. And when you create your first landing page (I know that sounds impossible right now but it WILL happen.. trust me!) I will be out with my pom poms cheering you on!

Doors open to the founding members in the summer so get yourself on the VIP Guest List now because I cannot wait to start helping you grow you online business.