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My Fee’s

There are absolutely no hidden costs when it comes to hiring me. You don’t need to worry about sick pay, tax, pension contributions or National Insurance, software licenses, equipment, overheads even tea bags… because I pay all that myself oh & I make my cuppas in my own time NOT yours! 

That’s the beauty of hiring a freelancers over an employee!


Retainers are available and offer excellent value if you know you are going to need constant assistance each month. If you want to guarantee my time for your task or projects then this is the best option.

Business Support Management is only available on 10 hours+ retainers only and require one months’ written notice, should you wish to terminate the contract. Such notice not to be served before the expiry of 3 months from the date of commencement of the Contract so it is imperative that you are aware that this relationship is an ongoing collaboration, you have the tasks and are comfortable in investing into a contracted retainer to take your business to the next level.

Should you feel you are not yet at that stage or you wish to trial my services before you commit then I am more than happy to offer 5 hours per month (for a maximum of 2 months) to get a feel of how I work.

5 hours will not allow you to get a full feel of what an OBM. It will not give me time to really get a feel of your business and use my skills and experience to make an impact on your business; however it will certainly allow you to see if the way I work, the assistance I can offer and if our relationship is a good fit for both our businesses before you commit to a retainer.

All packages below include an initial FREE discovery call and a billable (timed) onboarding call in order to create a plan of action to go forward.

up to 5 hours per month = £150.00

This would be ideal if you have a small selection of repetitive tasks every week/month that you. simply require some virtual assistance with or a project that you know is going to take some time but doesn’t need consistent input.

This package is solely for virtual assistance and is not ideal if you are wanting me to act as you OBM. By the time the onboarding is complete and any future check in’s there will not be enough time to dedicate and truly make an impact on your business.

up to 10 hours per month = £325.00

10 hours is a good starting point to experience how exactly what an Online Business Manager can support you in your business. It will allow me time to get to know more about you, how you work as well as being able to learn more about your business and provide you with some virtual assistance along the way.

up to 20 hours per month = £600.00

20 hours per month will really allow me to get to know the ins and outs of your business and actually make an impact! It will allow me to put my skills towards what I know and give me consistent time to provide that support. Perhaps you need ongoing support with a project, your marketing strategy or you are planning a launch… up to 20 hours per month will allow me to do do that!

up to 40 hours per month = £1100.00

The ultimate package that will allow total delegation! 40 hours will give me the opportunity to not only know the in’s and out’s of your business but handle a significant chunk of workload so you don’t have to!

Any unused retainer hours cannot be carried over to the following month unless agreed otherwise & are all payable upfront.

Ad-Hoc / Pay As You Go

My hourly rate is £30 per hour (min 1 hour – must be used over a month) which is solely for virtual administrative assistance.

No tie in but retainer and clients requiring my full Online Business Management services do take precedent and so there maybe a waiting list for ad hoc virtual assistant work. 100% fee due prior to the start of the work (estimation will be given) for ad hoc work.

Any ad hoc work is tracked with a Toggl report.

I have full liability insurance plus iCloud back up for your peace of mind.

If a job involves a high level of expenditure on printing or any other additional service/set up costs (e.g. an in-house software license) that is specifically required for me to fulfil your task (including couriers, postage or mileage) then these will be outlined and billed at cost in addition to the prices shown below.

What Is The Difference Between Ad-Hoc and a Retainer?

If you require me to do a set number of hours for you per month, you have tasks that are time-critical or you require full online business management you may want to consider a retainer.

You will pay for my time to be blocked out specifically to you each month whereas ad hoc hours are as and when I can fit you in.

With retainers and OBM packages you will also have access to your own email box and/or Trello board and your tasks are given priority over ad-hoc work. Please see general Terms & Conditions for further information.

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