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SEO should come part and parcel with blogging but it doesn’t for so many because it’s such a big job & it’s not something you can learn overnight.  Don’t get me wrong you can learn the basics pretty quick but actually doing it and implementing everything there is to SEO does takes time!

If you’re not sure even sure what search engine optimisation involves, it’s basically making certain changes to your site both on page and off page that make your site more attractive to a search engine primarily Google but also others like Bing, Yahoo etc.  Creating blog posts gives you the ultimate advantage of getting your business as a whole visible on Google.

Being a blogger myself, I now specialise in providing SEO support for sites with blogs and offer numerous services to help you get leads from Google and the views that your content deserves.

So what makes a good SEO strategy?

On Page SEO

On Page SEO relates to the readability and accessibility of your posts. Correct use of headers, keywords, meta description and urls are all things that are classed as on page SEO.

Keyword Research

Writing about the things that we know people want to read will get you the views but you need to do the research first to see if you can give them what they want.

Site Speed

If your site is slow it's likely Google will not entertain it over one that is a lot more accessible. You must ensure you keep an eye on how your site is performing in the eyes of Google

Google Console

Do you know the posts that are you are ranking for? What you are close to ranking for and do you have any errors that would prevent Google picking up your site?

Completing just one element of SEO will not guarantee you a place on the first page of Google. 

Google has hundreds of ranking factors and not one thing alone will send you soaring overnight.

It takes time, effort and everything in between including patience!  You cannot expect an increase of 10’s of thousands of views from solely working on your on page SEO, or getting a few more backlinks or even just sorting our your site speed.

Ideally you need to work on EVERYTHING & that’s where I come in!

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Google Analytics

If you don't understand Google Analytics how do you know what you are doing is working? Analytics is also such a powerful tool as far as contributing to your SEO strategy.

Back Link Analysis

Inbound links from sites can help with your DA but do you keep an eye on those that you've lost too?? It's worth ensuring you keep an eye on your backlinks regularly.

SEO Site Audit

As you've probably already gathered, there are numerous factors that contribute to SEO but how often do you audit your site as a whole & are you being seen as you want to be seen?

Mobile friendly

Google looks at the mobile friendliness first and foremost before anything these days so if your site is not mobile compatible it's unlikely you will rank as highly as you would like.

Kirsty did a huge refresh of my website during 2018. fixing seo, images, formatting, pinterest. Saw a big uplift in traffic that has generated great mediavine revenue for nearly 1 year now. I have more than made back what I spent on va costs.

Why is an SEO strategy important?

Encourages you to create the content that people want to read

Researching what people want to read and the questions that people are asking is one way to get your site recognised by Google.  

If no one is searching for what you are writing for Google won’t show it to anyone!

Creates another income stream

A good SEO strategy means your domain authority should increase and people will be coming to you to collaborate. More views also mean the ability to apply for advertisement agencies such as Mediavine too which can create a consistent income every single month while you sleep!

Gets you more visitors to your website

People that Google want specific information.  They want answers to questions. With a good strategy, awesome content and everything that Google wants to see in a website; those people will find your site!

encourages your readers to keep coming back

If you site is hard to read, the accessibility of the pages is poor or your site is slow chances are people won’t come back.  Give Google a reason to favour another site over yours and they will do just that.

Shows you as an authoritative and trusted figure

Keep giving value and Google will reward you.  Did you know that if the majority of your site is poorly constructed, the content is poor and the SEO is non existent.. it doesn’t matter if some of your posts provide extensive value.. Google looks at sites in it’s overall state.

allows you to sell more

Google classifies keywords into categories. Informational and transactional. 

When Google classifies a keyword as informational it will rank it higher as opposed to one that is just selling giving the reader access to your WHOLE site not just one post.  Providing value over selling will indirectly help you sell more with the content you create.


Backlinks and journalist outreach will help with domain authority. Crowdsourcing is a really easy way of getting those backlinks!


Are your competitors smashing Google already? Is there a topic you feel you can write better more valuable content on to rank higher?

Content Audit

You might think that writing about anything and everything is a good tactic but it won't tell Google what your site specialises in.

Social Media

Creating new & regular content give your site as a whole greater sharability. This will in turn show Google you are a site worth investing in.

Choose the perfect plan

Building Authority & Links


Per month

  • List of current backlinks
  • List of lost backlinks
  • Track your competitors backlinks
  • Broken Link checks & fixes
  • Regular emails with backlink/outreach opportunities

On Page SEO


Per month

  • 5 blog posts
  • On page SEO analysis & fixings
  • Accessibility and readability improvements
  • Optimised Meta Descriptions
  • Google Console & Sitemap checks
  • Additional keyword/blog post opportunities

Basic SEO Site Audit


Includes but certainly not limited to:

  • Site speed
  • Mobile friendly analysis
  • Page links
  • List of broken Links

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Check out some of these results from working solely on my clients on page SEO!

SEO isn't a marketing cost.. it's an investment!

SEO is a big thing and because of that very few people out that do EVERYTHING there is to do when it comes to SEO strategy.

I can help you with everything or just one or two elements that you perhaps find more difficult than others or that you don’t have the time to dedicate to it yourself.

These are some of my most popular packages that will help you generate more results for your business or blog through organic searches.

If you’d rather jump on a FREE 15 minute call to talk through some of your SEO difficulties and how I can help support you then just click below!

Choose the perfect plan

Content Inventory


  • Spreadsheet of all blog content
  • Plus statistics to allow you to analyse your content accordingly

Content Inventory Analysis


Per month

  • Spreadsheet of blog content
  • PLUS statistics
  • AND analysing of your content
  • Suggest content to keep, remove, improve or consolidate

Please note this maybe an ongoing service and not an overnight 'task' dependant on the amount of content you have

Brainstorm & Keyword Research


Per month

  • Suggestive blog post ideas
  • PLUS Keywords including:
  • Search volume
  • Competition score

So if you'd prefer to just sit back write & leave all the SEO to me..

…then these services are for you!

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