What stage is your business at?

Every stage of business has it’s own unique challenges but before attempting to overcome any of those we need to know whereabouts you are in the lifecycle. 

Without knowing exactly where your business is today, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to measure any progress made towards your goals and intentions of the future.

Start Up

You’ve been in business for less than 1 year and know you could probably do with some additional support but have no idea where to start!

You’ve never outsourced anything before and feel a little anxious just at the thought of handing over a part of your business to a total stranger!  You’ve also not a clue as to what you can actually ‘get rid of’!

Growth Stage

You’re past the start-up phase and have at least 2 years of business under your belt.  

You have growing income but there are not enough hours in the day to do everything even with support!  You’re overwhelmed more often than not and need to start working smarter NOT harder! 

Established Business

You’ve been in business for 4+ years & have started to build yourself a nice little team!

You are relatively comfortable outsourcing elements of your business but still feel like you’re spending more time working on your business and managing your team rather than actually doing what you had hoped outsourcing would give you more time to do!

Why my clients love me...

“As part of our dream team we wouldn’t be where we are today without you.  Your support and adapting as we’ve needed mean everything!”

Claire & Sarah, Online Course Creators

“The more we can automate together the more capital I’ll have to spend on more VA services!”

Tabitha, Etsy Store Owner

How I can help you...

As your business grows, you’ll soon come to realise you cannot possibly do everything yourself.  If you are doing anything and everything at the minute that’s all well and good but it will not be sustainable.  Either you’ll find yourself not getting anywhere fast trying to do all the things or you’ll get to the point where you lose sight of why you started your business in the first place because you’re too busy working IN your business rather than ON it.  

Taking the steps towards outsourcing can take time.  But know that it’s time very well spent as it will not only allow you to get the right help in the right places without wasting money but will also allow you to build the foundations, processes and systems that you can take through your business for years to come.  

My online course ‘Get More Done In Less Time’ will support you in giving you the tools to make a start on creating the foundations to decide on what to outsource.  It will help you with your productivity and give you tools to ensure that you are baring in mind ALL the tasks you do not just the few you remember when asked!

If you feel you’re ready to start as you mean to go on then my 12 week 1:1 programme will help you create the processes and systems needed to take your business to the next level.  It will set you up for future planned growth as well as giving you a feel of outsourcing with approx 4 weeks worth of Virtual Assistance.

Book a call or drop me an email for more information!

I'm Growing ... fast!

Outsourcing could also be a new thing to those in the growth stage of business.  Perhaps you’ve been working on your business for a while, perfecting your products, services and are now in a position to take on the world!

You may even already be outsourcing yourself, but did so without really doing the prep work!  You’ve kind of jumped in at the deep end and just got rid of anything you can without actually looking at the bigger picture because you just got too busy too quick!  

My 8/12 week 1:1 programme will provide you with a 4 stage process of ensuring your business is working as efficiently as possible.  You will even get me as your Virtual Assistant doing all the tech so you don’t have to!

We will take the time to look at your processes and systems and decide the things you need to keep, delete or automate or delegate. We will work together to set the foundations to grow your business, save you money by automating what we can and looking for waste.

The same programme is also available on a 6 week intensive should you be short on time or feel your business is on the right track but perhaps needs just a few tweaks!

My Get More Mileage On Your LIVE service could also be of use to you if you are in the growth stage of your business.  Perhaps your goal for this quarter is to be more visible and jump on more LIVES.  Whilst you are working on showing up for your audience, the ability to have someone repurpose that content to multiple places from the off without doing more work; is a great start to working smarter.

Drop me an email for more information.

I Need Help Managing My Team..

I’ve managed teams in the MoJ as well as managing my own.  I not only have my own virtual assistants I reach out to when I need help but I actually manage the virtual assistants I provide to people like you who are in need of specialists in certain areas.

So whether you have your own team or you’d prefer to use mine; I’m here to manage everyone so you don’t have to!  It will be expected that all of your SOPs and systems/processes are up to date so if you do need any help to organise those before we go into full management then that is absolutely fine.. I can do that no problem at all.

Drop me an email with what it is you specifically need help with and we can then set up a call to chat.  

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