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Procrastination is at an all time high.. & you’re developing a slight addiction to Facebook video loops!

You feel like you’re wading through treacle every single day making little or no progress yet you’re always so busy!

Mum-guilt is getting the better of you as you’re working all hours and are missing out on all the fun stuff!

Not forgetting the lack of sleep because your brain is unable to switch off it’s like you’ve got another newborn in the house!

Spending quality time with your kids when not working on your biz or having to work when they’re around resulted in zero Mum-guilt?!

You had the time to look after yourself more and go to that gym class you promised to yourself 2 years ago?!

You had more confidence in both you & your thriving business to grow, implement and take action?!

Reflecting on why you’re doing what you’re doing, had reignited the spark & caused you to fall back in love with your business?!


Systemised CEO consists of an 8 module training programme that will give you the exact steps and support your need to streamline your business, find some balance and bring your life back!

Lifetime access to the course via an an online portal

Small group coaching environment of like minded women in a private Facebook Group

LIVE Mondays – teach, talk & support through each week’s Module

PLUS Guest Expert Coaching Sessions

And done for you templates, worksheets and PDF’s so you can simply plug and play!

Module 1: Identify Your Priorities & Aims

  • Analysing Your Priorities and Aims. 
  • Productivity hacks.

Module 2: Create & Set Clear Business Goals

  • How to drill down on what you want to achieve. 
  • Set timescales for achieving success.

Module 3: Guest Expert Training – Motivating Mindset

  • How to remove roadblocks from your mind, be more positive and consistent. 
  • Techniques for taking positive action on business opportunities. 
  • Feel more confident as an entrepreneur. 

Module 5: Develop and Launch Smarter Systems for Your Business

  • Systemising your digital workload. 
  • How to standardise your operating procedures – developing SOPs.
  • Improve the efficiency of your business – 5Ss training. 
  • Trello training – using a productivity platform to streamline your business. 

Module 6: Guest Expert Training: Create Custom Business Templates 

  • Create ready-made templates for all areas of your business.
  • Tutorial – producing templates on Canva.  

Module 7: Automate, Automate, Automate! 

  • Ways you can use workflows to reduce workload. 
  • Create and implement workflows tailored to your business. 
  • Things you can automate in a small business.
  • Identifying automations. 
  • Create and implement your automations. 

Module 8: Implement, Assess, Evaluate   

  • Assess and evaluate progress made against your original priorities and aims. 
  • How to set clear next steps for your business.  

I think it’s quite clear & the fact you’ve got this far, that you already know I’m going to be giving you so much help along the way over the next 60 days.

In addition to everything I’ve already touched on, I am also going to include the following tools, templates and not only teach you the things you need to know and implement to get you over that hill your climbing right now but will actually get your from A-B quicker than you can say bob’s your uncle!

BONUS: Standard Operating Procedure Template

BONUS: Mailerlite DIY Workshop (worth £27)

BONUS: ‘Boss Your Business’ Trello Board Template

BONUS Facebook Live every week where you can Ask Me Anything!

So I’m Kirsty Holden.  An Online Business Manager who, in September 2018, left the corporate world and resigned from what was my ‘dream job’. 

Crazy huh!?

A former senior administration officer in the MoJ, a lead in the implementation of LEAN, and with many business & administration qualifications under my belt, I left the corporate world after nearly 20 years. 

“but why?”

Time is something we can never get back.

I chose to create a business around my life instead of my life around somebody else’s business so I can confidently continue doing what I know without having to answer to anyone, do what I love day in day out & allow me to now proudly help other women who want what I have got, to do exactly the same!

The fact that I too am a wife, mother and having been a businesswoman for many years myself; I know how precious time is.

Having an online business, like you, has changed my life! But I still have to work on things like my time management & productivity because it’s so easy to fall into the trap of getting so busy, you forget about the reason started your business in the first place. I see so many business owners who are overwhelmed, overworked & stressed; some that are even contemplating going back to the corporate world! I do not want that to happen to you… you’ve come this far & although you might not feel this way right now; but you can get through this! 

Is this programme right for you?  

Check out some of the FAQ’s below that will hopefully be able to answer any of those burning questions you might be having right about now.

Lack of time is one of the reasons you’re looking at this programme in the first place.. so you want to make sure you have the time to complete it right?

Besides the fact you will have access to the course indefinitely PLUS any. updates made on future releases you will also get worksheets, videos, training, documents, templates too… just log in and you can work on it at your leisure.  

There is no getting away from the fact you will need to put the work in to get out of it what you want but trust the process; it is a time investment that you WILL get back.  

You will not need to be working on the course for a whole 60 days but over the 8 weeks I do ask that you take full advantage of the 1 hour long Q&A I’ll be doing every week, watch the min 30 hour long weekly training videos plus find time to implement and follow up during the weekly modules … because it’s there for YOU!  

You don’t necessarily need to be on there LIVE .. watching replay is absolutely fine but this course is for YOU so please use me and abuse me!

The programme consists of an 8 week group programme designed specifically for online serviced based business owners.  It is for those who are coming up to or just over 2 years in business and have perhaps grown quicker than they anticipated or a business owner who has little or no systems/processes in place.  It would also be extremely beneficial for those who know their next step is to outsource but really need to get their back office in ship shape before they make that leap.  

When you join you will get access to an exclusive Facebook Group along side a maximum of 10 other female founders who too are wanting to work smarter not harder.

The 8 module core course will be uploaded to THIS website where you will receive a login to access upon purchase of the course.

Each lesson will be drip fed for you to work through every week. There will be a LIVE every Monday to talk you through each weeks module plus 2 x guest experts & an additional Facebook LIVE every other week where you can ask me anything. 

The next intake for the programme is June 2020.  Places are limited in order to give you as much of me as I possibly can so don’t hang about.. once it’s full it’s full & it may never be this price again!

I can give you everything you need as far as changing up your systems and processes, habits and time management is concerned but should you be someone who would much prefer someone to do it all for you or can honestly say you haven’t the time to invest right now then this course may not be for you. 

Yep of course!  Although this is not a ‘done for you’ course.. the training I provide will include plenty of ‘how to’s’ as well as the ability with the life time access to go back through the course whenever you want!

No I’m afraid not.  Once the course is complete it will be all there for you to go back through at your leisure but I will be drip feeling the content to you so not to overwhelm and keep it as structured as possible. Trust the process!

Kirsty [is] an absolute star and extremely proactive. 

She frees up my time to go out negotiating more work, creating content and making more money!

Lynn, Online Content Creator

It’s great to have someone to bounce ideas off that has more of an idea of up to date technology & options than I do.  

The more we can automate together  the more capital I’ll have to spend on VA services!  

Tabitha, E-commerce site owner