What is an Online Business Manager

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An online business manager (also known as a Business Support Manager) is someone who works virtually to support the ‘office’ end of your business.

An Online Business Manager doesn’t stand around waiting for direction. They should be proactive and always looking for ways to streamline.

The amount of input required by an OBM and the exact service that is offered is dependant on you & your business. It might take you a while to fully relinquish control of what you’ve had to yourself for so long which is totally fine but just know the OBM will be there to support you every step of the way.

An Online Business Manager will happily liaise with other members on your team leaving you to do what you are good at and show up for your own clients/customers without having to manage everyone else. The role of an OBM is so much more than just saving time and getting things ticked off the list (that’s for the Virtual Assistant/s) – it’s an opportunity to tighten up your systems and processes and have someone else oversee them.

An OBM will ensure timescales are set, met and tasks are completed on time as well as updating Asana, Trello or your project management tool of choice to reflect the current status of all projects.

What is the difference between an Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant?

When you are hiring an OBM you are hiring a vision. You are not hiring to just do the task which is what a Virtual Assistant will offer.

An OBM gives a lot more value than a Virtual Assistant. The skills that I have, the services I offer and the value I give to my clients as standard, made me soon realise I am so much more than a virtual assistant.

When you hire to the vision, you are focused on the WHY. The bigger picture. Bringing the pieces together and the person you hire will have exactly the same thoughts.

They have the same passion about their business as you do your own and they have the knowledge, skills and qualifications behind them to support that.

Hiring someone to solely do the task and they will do just that. Create a standard operating procedure, ask them to follow instructions and the job will be done.

A Online Business Manager not only uses management skills to ensure your back office runs smoothly but will also likely have a team they can call on should you ever need any additional assistance. They will also handle the team so you don’t have to!

What makes me an Online Business Manager?

I have the skills and qualification to implement and monitor administrative procedures, systems and LEAN processes too. Obviously being a business women myself too, I also understand a variety of business principles.

I know about negotiation, the development and delivery of presentations, the creation of bespoke business documents and the use of informational systems including SEO, social media and email marketing.

Previous experience has taught me business markets, business innovation and growth, plus sales and marketing.  I also have knowledge of financial management and business budgeting too.

Experience of running events, meetings and diary management is also something that sets me above the rest because organisation is my middle name!

So when you know your own business inside out, why you do what you do, your vision, your values and who you help; you will be able to hire accordingly and if you’d rather have someone on the same wave length as you than someone who just ‘does the job’ then that’s when it’s time to hire an Online Business Manager.


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